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Ring Kit

Ring Kit

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Kit Contents

  • Two Ultimate II Round Rings - Sizes 1 and 2, for a customized fit.
  • One Loading Sleeve, facilitating easy application.
  • One Sample of Water-Based Lubricant for comfort and ease of use.
  • An informative User Manual, guiding you through the process.


The Ring Kit serves as an effective alternative to prescription ED treatments like Viagra® or Cialis®. It’s especially effective for those who can achieve an erection but need assistance in maintaining it, as well as for individuals dealing with premature ejaculation.

Venous Leakage

Many men face difficulties in maintaining erections because of venous leakage. This kit helps by applying pressure at the base of the penis, trapping blood and sustaining the erection for intercourse. 

Designed for safety and comfort, the tension systems in the Ring Kit can be worn for up to 30 minutes. 

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